Labor Rally sent message to Florida's legislators

Sponsored by the United Teachers of Dade, Miami-Dade union leaders representing teachers, healthcare workers, and several other professions urged their members to unite gathering in support for working families.  They were asked speak out with one voice to the Florida legislators.  "Remind them that this is an election year, we put them in and we can take them out", said several union leaders in unison. 

The auditorium was filled with hundreds of workers and community members standing together with one voice shouting, "The people united can never be defeated".

At one point during the rally, everyone was asked to call legislators with the following message,  "I am a (parent/worker/retiree/business owner) and tax payer in Miami-Dade County. As legislative session begins we need you as our elected representative in Tallahassee to fight to bring funding back to Miami-Dade County. Miami-Dade County contributes tremendously to the state of Florida and we are not getting our fair share of tax dollars.  Miami- Dade tax dollars are needed here to support our community.  Please fight to get us our fair share!"

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