UTD/M-DCPS Worlds Apart on VAM Cut Scores

The UTD Bargaining Team met with District representatives for the second time in an attempt to finalize cut scores for the 2011-12 teacher evaluations. Thus far, we have not been able to reach agreement. We are scheduled to resume bargaining on January 10, 2013.

Our previous contract agreement grants UTD the right to negotiate cut scores based on changes to the formula and/or instruments used to collect the Value Added Model (VAM) data. The cut scores currently in the IPEGS manual are only a place-holder (necessary due to a legal timeline) until our negotiations are completed. After the place-holder language, the district specifically agreed with UTD that the cut scores would be negotiated.

This process has proven difficult. At this point, the validity of the data is suspect, especially as it relates to teachers that teach non-FCAT tested subjects. Looking to other districts has not provided any guidance as they are all over the map in their ratings.

UTD will continue to work within the parameters of negotiations to get the best results possible for all teachers under this VAM model while we also continue our legal challenges to Senate Bill (SB) 736 and VAM. We will not accept lower ratings on this evaluation in order to get this done quickly.

UTD will keep you updated after we return to the table on January 10, 2013.

Have a great Winter Recess!

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